HIMSS Southern California Chapter

Welcome to the award-winning Southern California Chapter of HIMSS!

President's Welcome - 2020-2021

We Carry On!

As a wise person once said that in uncertain times, it is important to look for what we know for sure.  This is a nearly impossible frame of mind to be in these days, when the news is changing every minute, one dire situation seems to have spiraled into a cataclysm of repercussions around the world.  And yet… yes here comes the truth…. we carry on. 

While I am a believer in wishes coming true, I cannot promise any of them. Not very comforting I know… but what I can tell you, we will carry on.

-Elle Harris

As I head into this year of service for the HIMSS Southern California Chapter; I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as President. Over my past eight years of my involvement with the Chapter I’ve gained deep knowledge of the needs and interests of its members. Despite challenging times, I am excited about the creative ways we will be responding to bring the same educational value and networking we’re known for, while adapting ourselves into a virtual world. Being a leader in innovation takes nimbleness and commitment to inspire our membership. Our responsibility is to assess our effectiveness and be willing to change for the greater good of our members. This is what inspires me! During my presidency, it is my sincerest hope to promote transparency, education, and collaboration for all those we serve.  

I am especially proud of and grateful for the team we have formed this year:

  • Immediate Past President – Karen Kennedy
  • President Elect – LeRoy Smith
  • Vice President, Administration – Midori Kondo
  • Vice President, Finance/Treasurer – Clark Kegley
  • Vice President, Programs – Krystal Di Stefano
  • Vice President, Advocacy – Ian Slade
  • Chair, Sponsorship Committee - Don Boatright
  • Chair, Academic Alliance Committee – Regina Atim
  • Chair, CMIO Committee – Alan Young
  • Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee – C’Mone Byrd
  • Chair, Membership Committee - Ernesto Santana

We as a Chapter are here to support our healthcare organizations, providers, and sponsors, by providing education for our membership, health organizations, accelerators, product development founders, and investors.  It will take all of us to change, adapt, and grow during this time of change. 

We would love to hear directly from you and how the Chapter can support you and provide the networking and education you desire. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email us at socal.info@himsschapter.org.

Geri Pavia
President, HIMSS SoCal