2016-2017 Kickoff ♦ The 6th Annual Privacy & Security Forum

Welcome to another fantastic forum featuring some of the best security professionals from across the country.

This year’s lineup includes people who steer public policy, tactical leaders managing day to day security issues and strategic leaders who shape organizations to deliver technology to healthcare.

Here is an excerpt from Healthcare IT News:

“More than 41 million people have had their protected health information compromised in HIPAA privacy and security breaches. Using data from the Department of Health and Human Services, which includes HIPAA breaches involving more than 500 individuals, reported by 1,149 covered entities and business associates, we've compiled a sortable, searchable list for our readers.”

This is just a headline. However, we have as custodians of patient data, a unique responsibility to maintain and manage data against a barrage of external and internal threats, while managing enterprise risk. This huge ask needs us to stay current and evolve with changing times. Hence we feel that this forum is going to provide you, our member, to review, analyze, understand and learn from the expertise that comes with our speakers and presenters.

We hope you take this opportunity to attend and share with us your concerns and expert wisdom…

Thank you once again to serve you this year!

Sri Bharadwaj

Co-Chair, 6th Annual Privacy and Security Forum

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