2016-2017 Kickoff ♦ AAC Mentorships

A Special Experience – Student Mentorship Through Our AAC Program

By Thao Tran, Chair, Academic Alliance Committee

The Academic Alliance Committee has been one of our fastest growing sectors of our Southern California Chapter volunteer groups. The Student Mentorship program available through AAC may be unknown and is often underutilized by students. We had the opportunity to speak with Tom Mason about his recent experience in the AAC Mentor Program and available resources.

We hope that learning about Tom’s experience will help others pursue mentoring opportunities as well. 

Tom Mason shares with our HIMSS Southern California Community:

As a Master’s student in Health Informatics, I recently moved to San Diego from Boston and did not have any professional contacts in Southern California. Through the Mentorship program with SoCal HIMSS, I was put in touch with Clark Kegley. Clark was extremely enthusiastic about helping me get my foot in the door here in Southern California.

In our first meeting we talked about networking opportunities, the pros and cons of various work environments, and where health informatics may be headed in the future. Then, based on my work objectives and interests, we put together a road map for establishing connections with various individuals and organizations in the area. We are still in regular contact. Clark has been a vital sounding board for ideas and questions.

As you see, Tom's drive to make that connection was very notable. He reached out to National HIMSS who got him in contact with our AAC Chair, Thao Tran. Thao then referred him to Clark Kegley who has years of experience in mentoring and collaborating with various health IT professionals. Clark provided valuable support and resources for Tom to klick-off his career in health IT.

Now that Tom has sought out a mentor in SoCal HIMSS, will the next mentee be you? Our HIMSS SoCal AAC is always looking for mentors and mentees. Please reach out to us if you are interested in these opportunities. 

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