2016-2017 Kickoff ♦ New Committee

Introducing the Newest Committee for HIMSS SoCal Organization – Patient Engagement

We are very excited to announce a new HIMSS SoCal committee – Patient Engagement, chaired by Clark Kegley. The initial focus of the Patient Engagement Committee will be to develop a robust, effective program that engages patients and solicits feedback on engagement from the southern California community.  The committee developed a Patient Engagement focus group from within our active membership. The first program the committee will kick off is the Patient Experience Conference in San Diego on January 20th 2017 with keynote speaker Susan Taylor, the Executive Director of External Affairs for Scripps Health. Susan will be sharing a powerful patient story experience she had with father. This is a must see event! 

A brief look at our keynote speaker: Susan Taylor

Susan is the executive director of external affairs at Scripps Health in San Diego, CA. As executive director of external affairs, Susan plays a critical role in raising awareness and understanding of Scripps’ programs, facilities and services. She also helps educate a broad range of audiences about the significant changes under way in health care locally and nationally. In addition, Susan serves as a member of the Scripps Medical Response Team. Read full Bio.

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