About the Southern California Chapter of HIMSS

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) was organized in 1961 as the Hospital Management Systems Society (HMSS), an independent, unincorporated, nonprofit, voluntary association of individuals. HMSS was founded on the thesis that an organized exchange of experience among members and other interested parties could promote a better understanding of the principles underlying hospital management systems, and could develop new principles for improving the skills of the person who directs hospital programs and the practitioner who analyzes, designs, or improves hospital systems. The purpose of the Society as stated in the original constitution was “to promote the continual improvement of hospital management systems through organized programs of research, education, and professional practice.”

Today, HIMSS still stands for those basic principles and more. One of my focus areas is the use of IT to promote patient engagement and improve patient experience. In order for this to be a success, health IT organizations must keep the clinicians involved in the products and services they develop. Ultimately, it is the physicians, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and assistants who are most likely to be the end point contact for the patient. Healthcare professionals must be part of the process through all stages of development. This method of giving clinicians a voice through product development will not only be more cost effective for the organization but help to truly individualize patient care. Our board and committee chairs include not only IT professionals, but also physicians, nurses and pharmacists who continue to show the importance of diverse healthcare providers partnering with IT specialists. While working together with professionals across the healthcare field, I am confident that the HIMSS - Southern California Chapter will have even more meaningful and lasting impact on the patient experience. Please connect with me or any of our chapter leaders to learn more about volunteering, attending upcoming events, as well as sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you.

Geri Pavia
President, HIMSS Southern California Chapter