Fall 2014Social Media Corner

HIMSS SoCal …Instagrammed!!!

by Nishant Jain, Co-Chair - SoCal HIMSS Marketing and Social Media

*This article conveys opinions of the author, and does not reflect perspectives of the HIMSS organization, the author’s employer or other affiliates.

InstaAs humans we have a need to confirm reality. A picture can tell a story worth a thousand words. Photographs have their own way of stimulating the imagination and pictures can enhance our own personal experience.

The uninitiated and the uninformed might think that Instagram is a tool for instant-grammar check. But, we all know by now, that it isn’t. Instagram is a well-established photo-focused social platform that cannot be ignored. It has lots of creative uses and should be included in both your personal and professional outreach and social media strategy.

What can you do on Instagram by way of posting pictures?

  1. We are surrounded by cuteness and funny moments in our daily life. Instagram can be used to make work and life, in general, more enjoyable by sharing pictures from such interesting things happening around you.
  2. We can create awareness for an upcoming event and generate curiosity. We were able to successfully promote our Chapter’s upcoming 3rd Annual Golf Tournament and Charity Fundraiser coming up on October 2nd. We now have only a few spots remaining! 
  3. We can showcase an event by posting pictures from speakers and activities at the conference or event. With Instagram, you can now take your followers wherever you go. Even if your followers are not attending the conference they might be tickled to know you are in their location. It creates opportunities for interactions where there might have been none to begin with.
  4. One can show the inner workings of an organization by going behind the scenes. For example, you can post pictures from board meetings, show your office, or introduce your employees or colleagues. If you have a product or service, you can showcase the product, how it is made or how it is being successfully used.
  5. One can use hashtags, be innovative and promote regional and national initiatives – to get people’s attention. For example, the NY Public library promoted their initiative #IReadeverywhere using this approach. And we have all been pleased to see the success of the recent #ALSicebucketchallenge!

We have recently created a HIMSS SoCal Instagram account. To find us, please visit http://instagram.com/himsssocal. To get involved, you can easily download the Instagram app and create your own account. Follow us and we will follow you back. Then, start sharing pictures with colleagues, family and friends. The Instagram app integrates with your photo stream on your smartphone for seamless integration and makes it easy to post and share pictures. You can also share an instant picture using Instagram.

We launched our new Instagram at the recent HCE/HFMA/HIMSS 2nd Annual Joint Networking Event. This is an annual healthcare collaboration event co-hosted by the local chapters of these healthcare leadership organizations.

The event was held in August at the Hoag Hospital Conference Center, in Newport Beach, CA. We had a sell-out event and it was an excellent networking opportunity with our sister organizations. We have shared some posts and photos using Instagram below.


So, get out there and take a few pictures and share them with colleagues and friends - but remember to be in the moment and enjoy the event as well. It’s fun to use Instagram and other social media channels as tools to supplement your own personal experience – and bring the event home to others as well.

And as always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestion on social media promotions for our upcoming events and conferences.

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