Fall 2019 Newsletter - Mentorship

By Regina Atim, Chair, Academic Alliance

Being a mentor comes naturally perhaps because I have spent the better part of my formative career being mentored, by someone whom I admired. To me, it is an act of love when someone, who isn’t otherwise obligated, chooses to spend their time with you, giving valuable insight into career paths or even life choices. I have come to understand that choosing to be a mentor is an endeavor where the mentor gains as much value from the interaction as the mentee.

When I am choosing a mentee, I typically look for someone who is driven, perhaps reminds me of my younger self, and is motivated and actively seeking direction. As a mentor, I look to share my experiences as a professional with the hope of informing my mentee’s next steps whether it be professionally or even personally.

When seeking a mentor, it is important to assess the time commitment that one is seeking, in comparison  to what the mentor is able to provide. One lesson that I have learned over the years is that if someone declines to become an official mentor, it should not be perceived as a rejection, but rather attribute it to a lack of time from the mentor’s perspective. As hard as it may be, I have learned over the years not to take anything personally, because the reality is that it normally isn’t about you.

The Academic alliance of HIMSS SoCal has committed to launch our official mentorship program as part of our offerings to enable young professional HIMSS members and students to be partnered with more seasoned professionals. The program will kick-off in January 2020, and last for 6 months. Each month there will be a workshop on topics such as sharing our journey and lessons learned, building self-confidence, and gaining influence in the workplace. I look forward to not only giving back, but also learning from this experience.