Q1 2018 Newsletter - HIMSS Innovation Through CMIO Collaboration

by Alan S. Young, MD, MBA, PMP – SoCal HIMSS CMIO Committee Chair

The Southern California Chapter of HIMSS is pleased to announce the launch of the first chapter Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Committee in 2018 with a focus on innovation that impacts physicians and patients in the healthcare technology space.  Chaired by Dr. Alan Young, the committee will seek to engage clinician leaders and HIMSS members with a passion for information technology and innovation.

HIMSS has become a global leader in healthcare information technology by providing the resources and opportunities for everyone to come together for collaboration ~ Dr. Alan Young.

The inaugural event for the CMIO Committee took place on February 1st, 2018 at the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator building in partnership with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Techstars. By bringing together the innovation leadership from Cedars-Sinai, including CMIO Dr. Rick Riggs and Associate CMIO, Dr. Shaun Miller, along with CEOs and founders from the Accelerator program powered by Techstars, the power of entrepreneurship and innovation was discussed.  “It was wonderful seeing such widespread attendance and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in healthcare. Both Cedars-Sinai and HIMSS are at the forefront of healthcare innovation, so we look forward to continued collaboration in the future” ~ Dr. Shaun Miller

The second panel discussion included seasoned healthcare industry leaders from HealthCare Partners, Summation Ventures at Memorial Care and Cedars-Sinai to reflect on the current challenges large health systems are facing with declining reimbursement and greater competition among patients. Sarah Richardson, CIO for HealthCare Partners in California, offered her thoughts on the future of innovation and technology: “IT and business strategy have drastically changed over the years and are more entwined than ever before.  Technology is literally a component of everything we touch today and the partnership between IT and the business requires a deep commitment from all parties to be aligned and willing to succeed together and in some cases, fail together.”

This invite-only event exceeded expectations and hit capacity to allow for an evening of stimulating panel discussions and dynamic professional networking between physicians, HIMSS members, executives and IT professionals. 

For more information on the CMIO Committee, SoCal HIMSS or Innovation opportunities, please visit the SoCal HIMSS website or email socalhimss.cmio@gmail.com.

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