Q3 2017 Newsletter - Chapter Leader Exchange

By Thao Tran, Academic Alliance Community Chair

This year Southern California (SoCal) HIMSS chapter president, Ian Slade, kicks off the new year with a unique approach. In order to have fun and a strong leadership team, Ian had a great idea – let’s send the team to Ohio! A team of nine SoCal HIMSS members was sent to the Chapter Leader Exchange (CLE) in Cleveland, Ohio from July 25th to 26th. The CLE. Each year, every HIMSS chapter in the country sponsors the President-Elect to attend the CLE to network with current leaders, learn best practices, and review existing policies to follow national HIMSS standards. The CLE is not exclusively for incoming presidents. It is open to any individual who has an ardent desire to grow with the chapter and learn about the organization.

The CLE occurs at the HIMSS Innovation Center in Cleveland, Ohio. It is housed on the fourth floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation. Breath-taking, simplicity, interactive, and highly educational are some of the words to describe the 30,000-square-foot HIMSS Innovation Center which finds its permanent home for three years in downtown Cleveland with a spectacular waterfront view. I was intrigued to see the HIMSS timeline highlighting the significant dates in the health IT community, Health IT Simulation Center which tests for interoperability, archaic records written by Florence Nightingale, and the Healthcare Technology Showcase. All CLE attendees had the chance to do plenty of networking, meeting Jeff Coughlin to inform everyone on Government updates, and hearing Chapter Task Force chair Scott Smiser and CEO Steve Lieber in a fireside chat on how Lieber’s leadership evolved to lead HIMSS to make its mark in the global health IT community.

The CLE ends with chapter leaders posing for with our HIMSS SoCal Academic Alliance Community bags. Look out for these bags at our next events! Go green! Go SoCal HIMSS!

Thao Tran is the Chair of Academic Alliance Community. In June 2017, HIMSS National elected her to serve a one-year term on the Chapter Task Force where she and other non-SoCal HIMSS chapter leaders will provide resources and mentorship to enhance and strengthen chapter relationships with their members.

Photo: Krystal Di Stefano, Tim Jones, and Thao Tran of the HIMSS SoCal board, hold up AAC tote bags.

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