Q3 2017 Newsletter - Podcasting Comes to the Southern California Chapter

By Sarah Richardson, MBA, CHCIO, Marketing & Communications Chair, HIMSS Southern California Chapter

The Southern California Chapter of HIMSS is seeking YOUR input.

In the interest of providing our members with access to important industry-relevant topics, we are planning a series of podcasts focusing on the themes most important to you.  These episodes will feature high-quality content from industry leaders.

With that in mind, we ask you: What topics are most impactful to your success? What would you most like to know? How can we best help you?

Please click on this link to choose the topics you want to hear about most.

These podcasts will be professionally recorded and produced.

If you are interested in participating in the series and would like to be interviewed, please send us your information and the topic on which you are an expert.

If you know of someone who is an industry-leader who may be able to participate, let us know. We’d love to create national outreach and have a larger perspective.

Thank you for your input. Together, we are creating the future of healthcare in Southern California.

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