Q4 2017 Newsletter - 10th Annual CIO Forum

By Sam King, Co-Chair, CIO Forum

Thanks to dedicated efforts and leadership from the CIO Forum Committee and all those who contributed, the CIO Forum was a smashing success.  It was our most cutting-edge program to date and as such, the Forum set several records:

(1) Most registered attendees

(2) Most CIO/CXO attended

(3) Most CIO/CXO speakers

(4) Most provider CIO/CXO attending leadership/speaker reception and dinner

(5) First time ever for the Forum and for the chapter to use mobile app for the event.

(6) First overhead announcer and standard professional look and feel for conference slides and transition

(7) First general reception for all attendees

(8) First professional photographer engaged

(9) First CFO/CIO Panel that addresses overlapping, collaboration and joint decision-making and governance process between CXO ranks.

The committee is already in action so be ready for next year!

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