Winter 2020 Newsletter - Become a Healthcare Manager, Enjoy Life and Improve the World

By Prof. Barry Hunt, HIMSS SoCal Academic Alliance Representative; California State University, Los Angeles

Healthcare management is the largest growth industry with the most wide-ranging, well-paying jobs and career opportunities now and into the foreseeable future.

Whether your primary interests are in strategic planning, finance, information systems, facilities, materials management, logistics, human resources, marketing, engineering, law, science, social work, community health, hospitality, teaching, or direct patient care in hospitals, clinics or public health, this profession is for you.

Based on my long career in public health, hospital administration and teaching, as a healthcare manager you will be a role model and express your creative side. You will work with smart, caring colleagues from many disciplines where virtually every day is exciting, challenging, frustrating yet rewarding. You will be in the “hot seat” with your hands on the controls as you help “steer the ship” at the cutting edge of innovation in patient care, research, education and public/private partnerships.

This field welcomes a diversity of people from all backgrounds. The fastest approach is to earn an appropriate certificate or degree in healthcare management from your local college or university (e.g., Meanwhile, volunteer some time in a local community hospital to meet practitioners, learn how it works and find the most interesting place to launch your career as a healthcare manager!

Here are some photos of HIMSS leaders and students from all backgrounds who used this approach and got active in their HIMSS Chapters. And thereby they quickly enhanced their careers in healthcare IT management and are giving back to the profession. Join us and pass it on!


Barrington (Barry) Hunt, MPA
CBE Lecturer of the Year Awardee
CBE Graduate Student Faculty Mentor of the Year Awardee
Faculty, Graduate Healthcare Management Program
Management, Accounting and Public Health Departments
College of Business and Economics
California State University, Los Angeles
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