2016-2017 Kickoff ♦ Members in Action

This July, Nish Jain, Co-Chair of the Marketing & Communications Committee, joined the HIMSS APM-I Task Force (the Alternative Payment Model Infrastructure Task Force). The vision of the task force is that healthcare providers and delivery systems are looking to HIMSS and other professional associations and industry groups to help them develop a consistent approach to the terminology/definitions and business processes and tools used to support these new payment models and to help build the technical infrastructure necessary to facilitate the underlying activities. The purpose of the group is to identify the need for and encourage the development of tools and resources to create the administrative infrastructure necessary to support emerging alternative payment models.

The group is currently looking to invite payers to join the task force. Keeping in mind that in terms of designing a solution on how payers manage their part of the equation, this task force is focused primarily on how providers and provider organizations will support their business operations going forward based on payment models being executed by payers. 

If you know of any payers interested in joining the task force, please put them in touch with Pam Jodock at pjodock@himss.org. The Task Force would be pleased to do a presentation to any interested payer organization. The next call is Tuesday, September 20th at 3pm CT.

The Task Force is currently looking for a Large Provider Group Representative speaker for their upcoming symposium, "Operating in a Value-Based World," to be held on Sunday, February 19, 2017. Please contact Pam as mentioned above. 

In June, two of our Chapter members participated in the International Performance Institute conference, “Leveraging IT, Data and Connectivity to Boost Patient Engagement Across the Continuum of Care”.

Michael Pfeffer, CIO - UCLA Health System, was one of the keynotes speakers and Chuck Podesta, Network SVP and CIO at UC Irvine Health, was one of the conference panelists.


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