2016-2017 Kickoff ♦ Volunteer Corner

Our Newest Newsletter Feature: “Introducing Our HIMSS SoCal Chapter Volunteers!”

We are continually looking at how we can improve and grow our HIMSS SoCal Chapter to make the experience more beneficial to all our Members. We are fortunate to already have many of our members contributing their knowledge and time to support our Chapter’s leadership in our community and on a national level. We appreciate their commitment and each quarter will be showcasing both our newest and “more veteran” volunteer members to learn more about their experiences.

We encourage you to reach out and get involved - share your some of your great ideas and help our Chapter continue to provide relevant knowledge, engaging networking and great experiences to our members – and seriously, we make it fun!!!

Meet Our HIMSS SoCAL Volunteers: Trish and Robin

By Len Rosenthal, Marketing and Communications Committee Member

Trish MacDonald and Robin Wotipka are two dedicated HIMSS SoCal volunteers who play important roles in keeping the chapter running smoothly. In this new Quarterly Newsletter feature, we have the opportunity to get to know them better and their volunteer experience with our Chapter.

Q:  How long have you volunteered for HIMSS?

Trish:  I am new to HIMSS SoCal and started volunteering in January 2016.

Robin:  I started volunteering in 2014 before finishing my degree.

Q:  What has it meant to you to volunteer?

Trish:  I recently switched careers from consumer electronics PR to health IT, so volunteering has been a great way for me to learn and stay on top of the trends and events happening in the space. And I really appreciate all of the people I've met along the way volunteering for the chapter and at the national level. 

Robin: Volunteering with our Chapter has provided a chance to see the how informatics, data, and technology are impacting the healthcare industry. A chance to meet people, to hear about the challenges that exist, the progress that has been made and understand the dynamic changes constantly impacting health care in all areas. The learning experience one can gain from interacting with the various members is phenomenal and one reason why I enjoy doing outreach for the Academic Alliance. Taking time to tell students about HIMSS, I feel is a benefit for the students to provide information about a professional organization that is strong, innovative and a great place to learn.

Q:  What do you do in your “daytime” job?

Trish:  I am a VP of Client Services for Black Branch Consulting, a consulting firm providing corporate strategy, business development and strategic messaging to companies that want to grow their federal health IT sales. We specialize in helping transform patient-centric healthcare delivery and services within civilian and military health agencies.

Robin:  I have been doing in-home care for family and friends for several years and decided to work on a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration where I was introduced to HIMSS.  

Q:  What have you done for fun lately?

Trish:  I visited family in Boston and Portland, Maine over the 4th of July. I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate than eating fresh lobsters and clams, watching the Boston Pops and playing with nieces and nephews!

Robin:  This summer I returned to Sweden for a high school class reunion, met a lot of old friends, enjoyed "Swedish fika", got a chance to hit a golf ball, and see a new release at the theater. Then I returned home for a family camping trip up in the Sequoias.

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