HIMSS Analytics® Database, 2012 edition

October 17, 2014

The Dorenfest Institute for Health Information Technology, Research and Education, managed by the HIMSS Foundation, has released updated 2012 data from the HIMSS Analytics™Database. Available at no expense to you and your members for research purposes, this update includes a variety of detailed historical data, reports and white papers about IT use in hospitals and integrated healthcare delivery networks. 

The newly released HIMSS Analytics® Database, 2012 edition covers IT use on nearly 5,400 U.S. hospitals and the more than 26,000 ambulatory facilities that are associated with these hospitals. This release expands the current library of databases available through the Dorenfest Institute, including the Dorenfest 3000+ Databases™, the Dorenfest Integrated Healthcare Delivery System Databases™ and previous editions of the HIMSS Analytics® Database.  Data is presently available from 1986 through 2012.

In addition to the 2012 year-end database, HIMSS Analytics released two research reports to the Dorenfest Institute, including a special report analyzing the healthcare information technology buying behaviors of hospitals based on the hospital’s tax status.  The report Hospital Tax Status and HIT Buying Patterns leverages the Dorenfest Institute databases for the years 2010 – 2012, and the 2013 year-end HIMSS Analytics® Database to analyze the health IT acquisition and implementation patterns of U.S. hospitals. These databases contain the annual health IT inventory and buying plans of all U.S. hospitals related to 100+ health IT applications monitored by HIMSS Analytics.

The 2013 Annual Report of the U.S. Hospital IT Market is also now available in pdf format on the Dorenfest Institute website.  Using trended data from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, the report examines technology use at nearly 4,300 U.S. hospitals.  Topics examined in the report include capital and operating budgets, as well as the use of key financial and clinical technologies in place at these hospitals. 

Interested researchers can complete the application form on the Dorenfest Institute’s website at http://www.himss.org/DorenfestInstitute/agreement.aspx; all researchers must be qualified according to the guidelines noted on this form.

As the philanthropic arm of HIMSS, the HIMSS Foundation recognizes the benefits of ongoing and credible research on health IT, and thus, encourages the use of this data by government institutions and qualified researchers.  Please contact foundation@himss.org for more information or if you have questions about use of this data.