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A Best Practice Approach to Application Migration

In this episode, T2 Tech Managing Partner Kevin Torf shares how to manage increasing electronic health data in 24x7 environments, and what todays healthcare CIOs need to strategically migrate hundreds of clinical and business applications when shifting to the cloud, colocation facilities and other modern data center solutions. After working with leading providers, such as Sharp HealthCare and Verity Health System, to execute large-scale application and data center migration efforts, speaker Kevin Torf’s HIT team developed a repeatable, best-practices approach to efficiently migrate applications with minimal risk and business disruption.

Tune into the Southern California Chapter of HIMSS Podcast to hear how this methodology can help IT teams group related applications in an upfront assessment and then follow an iterative five-step migration process. Using the five-steps, teams can pilot application moves, test key capabilities, execute successful go lives, decommission old hardware and track the ROI for iterative migration cycles.

Improve Collaboration with a Strategic Mobile Device Strategy

In this episode, Dr. Andrew Brooks, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Tigertext shares his thoughts on how to Improve Collaboration with a Strategic Mobile Device Strategy. He covers the importance of Secure Messaging, System Integration, Device Management, Patient Engagement, and Physician Experience. In addition he shares recommendations for how disparate health systems can communicate on disparate platforms and thoughts on care coordination as a primary driver and how we engage the patient in the transition of care/population health ecosystem.

The Humility Imperative 

In this podcast, Andrew Kerr discusses how leaders continue to fail at an alarming rate at the highest levels of business, politics, sports, and entertainment. Many of these failures are the result of self-inflicted wounds brought on by a lack of character. Against a rising tide of narcissism and ego, humility has quietly re-emerged as the crucial leadership quality for the twenty-first century knowledge economy. Andrew Kerr, a certified expert on change management and leadership, blends powerful storytelling with the latest research to reveal how humility creates a distinct competitive advantage for individual leaders and their organizations.

Andrew's new book is available here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/andrew-kerr/the-humility-imperative-why-the-humble-leader-wins-in-an-age-of-ego/hardcover/product-23179076.html

The Future of Interoperability

Sriram Bharadwaj (Sri) is Director, Information Systems and CISO, University of California, Irvine, Healthcare (UCI Health) and has over 25 years of Information Management Systems experience in multiple industries including healthcare.

In this podcast, Sri discusses mapping out the future of Interoperability in healthcare and sharing of patient data for Olympics. Millions of transactions are exchange today across the healthcare ecosystem. Sri Bharadwaj in this podcast star gazes into the future and addresses the current and future needs for standards, certification, Blockchain and governance in interoperability.