President's Welcome - 2019-2020

Being an active member of Health Information & Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has not only increased my knowledge of Health Information Technology (HIT), I have gained an immense appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes to be an HIT vendor and the importance of having clinical expertise guide development and implementations.

I’m excited to kick off my HIMSS – Southern California (SoCal) Chapter Presidency for the 2019–2020 term. First, thank you all for the support you have shown our organization and specifically our Chapter throughout the years. We’re glad you are here and continuing to attend our Health IT events while promoting initiatives that are important to healthcare and ultimately patients worldwide.

One of my focus areas is the use of information technology to promote patient engagement and improve patient experiences. For this to be a success, Health IT organizations must keep clinicians involved in the products and services they develop. Ultimately, it is the physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and technicians who are most likely to be the end point contact for the patient and utilize the technology developed. Healthcare professionals must be part of the process throughout multiple stages of development. The methodology of giving clinicians a voice through product development will be more cost effective for organizations as well as put us on the path to true individualized patient care (not simply patient-centered care). Our board of directors and committee chairs for HIMSS SoCal Chapter includes not only IT professionals, but also physicians, nurses and pharmacists who continue to demonstrate the importance of having diverse healthcare providers partnering with information technology specialists. While working together with professionals across the healthcare arena, I am confident that the HIMSS SoCal Chapter will have even more meaningful and lasting impact on the patient experience.

Thank you.

Karen P. Kennedy, MBA, RN
President, HIMSS Southern California Chapter