Q3 2017 Newsletter - AAC Student Perspective

Academic Alliance Community Chair, Thao Tran, asked AAC member and scholarship recipient, Jessica Chacon, for her thoughts on the first Patient Experience Forum. 

My first Patient Engagement Experience surpassed all my expectations, as all other HIMSS functions I have previously attended. What really appeals to me at these events is the diversity of professionals, the enlightenment I gain from the presenters, and the topics that are discussed. It provides me with connections of what I am learning in the classroom setting and what is really happening in the “real life” of health information systems. Not only do I learn from the presenters but from other members who hold different positions in the health care information system and management industry, I am able to get different perspectives and a wide range of discussions to everyday issues that are posed in our health care industry. The best part of the Patient Engagement Experience is networking with new members, receiving fresh insights in addressing todays 'problems, and how we can go about improving in our industry. 

This meeting delighted me and encouraged me to continue to participate and attend future HIMSS events. I look forward to being able to apply what I learned from the panelists in real life situations and also, supporting me to progress in my healthcare career.

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