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CTGTo align with the theme of Southern California HIMSS upcoming conference Innovating and Collaborating to Improve Population Health, CTG Health Solutions has provided the following excerpt from one of our many white papers. Developed by our industry thought leaders, CTG white papers represent key approaches and lessons learned that provide our clients with solutions that drive value toward their improvement initiatives. To request a specific white paper go to: http://www.ctg.com/industries/healthcare-providers/thought-leadership/white-papers/

Competitive Advantage:  Achieving Transformation to an Accountable Care Environment

The concept of accountable care evolved from widespread acknowledgement that the rate of increase in healthcare costs is unsustainable. As costs have continued to rise, the focus on efficiencies and value has sharpened. With the transition underway from fee-for-service, to reimbursement for value of care provided to a defined population, accountable care is emerging as the new reality.

The goal of transitioning to accountable care, regardless of an organization’s structure, processes, culture, or populations served, is simple: value. Value, as defined in an accountable care environment, is delivering care that results in higher quality patient outcomes per dollar spent.

In order to achieve this goal, healthcare provider and payer organizations will need to broaden their capabilities to effectively support care models that provide patient-centered care and utilize predictive analytics to develop truly individualized prevention and treatment plans. These new care models that combine coordinated care and technology will provide the foundation necessary to redesign the nation’s current healthcare infrastructure and culture in support of a more engaged patient population. The future competitive advantage and ability to achieve value-based revenue for healthcare organizations will depend on optimizing the unique capabilities and effectively managing the challenges of the individual organization, as well as those of the market and patient population.

Regardless of the level of transition and risk planning, there remain significant challenges to achieving transformation to an accountable care environment. Beginning in the early stages of transition, organizational capabilities and challenges must be evaluated, and strategic plans designed that are unique to each individual environment. However, unlike healthcare initiatives of the past, an environment of accountable care will require a continual cycle of evaluating, designing, implementing, and measuring to ensure that both the organization, and the larger accountable care ecosystem, continuously evolve with the ever changing market and patient populations change.

The CTG Accountable Care Solution

As one of the largest providers of healthcare IT services in the U.S., CTG Health Solutions (CTG) has provided advisory, technology, and business solutions to the full range of provider and payer organizations. We recognize each organization has unique opportunities and challenges, which enhances our ability to help our clients adapt to the constantly changing regulatory environment and to transform and thrive in the new world of accountable care.

CTG’s breadth of expertise and experience in the industry has enabled us to develop comprehensive solutions designed to support the transition and successful evolution of healthcare organizations to an accountable care model. CTG’s approach to accountable care recognizes that each organization is at a different place on the evolutionary path and affords the flexibility to choose discrete programs and/or services based on the organization’s unique needs. We believe that a holistic approach that includes transformation elements of both organizational and technology change is required to ultimately achieve accountable care success.

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