Spring 2016AAC - USC Job Fair

by Thao Tran, Chairperson AAC

Preparation, communication, career planning, and networking are essential elements for students to have and develop over time. However, students cannot develop these skills if resources are not present. On Thursday, April 14th, 2016, Sol Price School of Public Policy invited HIMSS AAC team and 72 organizations  to come on the Von KleinSmid Courtyard and provide HIT opportunity to its students. Among 43,000 students and 4,000 full-time faculty members, we met a HIMSS member! The HIMSS member walked away with a high-quality bag and spoke well about the organization. HIMSS is very fond of reaching out to its faculty and students. Need an outreach representative this summer or fall? Contact HIMSS AAC and we will be on our way to share opportunities with your students!


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