Winter 2020 Newsletter

Message from the President


We have come to the end of an exciting year and the start of a new decade! As the year came to a close I reflected on the things I am most grateful for. Primarily among those is the talented group of volunteers that work tirelessly for HIMSS Southern California. Thank you for the work you have done for the Southern California Chapter this year. We have come through a year that was filled with both challenges and successes. It’s reassuring to know that we can count on our amazing team regardless of what trials we may face. The endless hours you all have spent working on projects is impressive! Your diligence, self-motivation is an inspiration to others on our team and those looking to also volunteer their time.

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Digital Transformation of Healthcare: A Global Matter

By Dr. Mary Anne Schultz

Digital health, like public or population health, is a global affair. In the United States, healthcare spending is substantially higher while significantly worse population outcomes are realized, even when compared to those of other wealthy nations (Harvard Global Health Institute). Coupled with bold gains in human longevity, a similar trend has emerged worldwide prompting decision makers to question what, if any, gains are being obtained for these rising expenditures. A potential answer is being propagated in the single most important disruptive change in healthcare to date: the entrance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which promise to make care provision more precise, more efficient, more impactful.

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Become a Healthcare Manager, Enjoy Life and Improve the World

By Prof. Barry Hunt, HIMSS SoCal Academic Alliance Representative; California State University, Los Angeles

Healthcare management is the largest growth industry with the most wide-ranging, well-paying jobs and career opportunities now and into the foreseeable future.

Whether your primary interests are in strategic planning, finance, information systems, facilities, materials management, logistics, human resources, marketing, engineering, law, science, social work, community health, hospitality, teaching, or direct patient care in hospitals, clinics or public health, this profession is for you.

Based on my long career in public health, hospital administration and teaching, as a healthcare manager you will be a role model and express your creative side. You will work with smart, caring colleagues from many disciplines where virtually every day is exciting, challenging, frustrating yet rewarding. You will be in the “hot seat” with your hands on the controls as you help “steer the ship” at the cutting edge of innovation in patient care, research, education and public/private partnerships.

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Our Latest Podcasts are Available!

Securing the Human

In this podcast, Anahi Santiago discusses the transition of the healthcare industry towards consumerism that the implications from a cybersecurity perspective. She shares how innovation and the role of the CISO plays a key role in changing how care is delivered and in setting the strategic plan for an organization.

Developing ‘Digital First’ Models of Primary Care

In this podcast, Dimitri Varsamis discusses difference between the academic, governmental and business world when it comes to healthcare and the intersection of what is similar and different between the US and NHS health systems. In his research he covers digital first models of innovation that can be created and theoretically accessible very quickly for patients and consumers. He also shares why it is key to remain curious about the future.

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Developing a More Secure PACS Ecosystem

By Jon Moore, Senior Vice President & Chief Risk Officer, Clearwater

The security of medical images took center stage recently as Senator Mark Warner of Virginia demanded that TridentUSA and its affiliate MobileXUSA outline their cybersecurity practices after ProPublica reported the imaging firms left millions of medical records and patient data exposed online.

The ProPublica report unveiled one of the biggest data security failings in healthcare this year. The companies failed to protect with passwords and other basic security controls 187 computers that store X-Rays, MRIs, and other health data. As a result, anyone could use a web browser or free software to view the information.

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January 24 - 2020 Cybersecurity Forum

March 10 - Chapter Reception at HIMSS20

April 24 - 2020 Patient Experience Forum

May 7 - State HIT Day in Sacramento

June 1 - 2020 Annual Healthcare IT Conference